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Southern New England Telephone

Connecticut’s Finest, a custom-published, single advertiser, quarterly magazine created solely for SNET’s highest value customers, was one of the earliest loyalty programs of its kind in the country.

Not part of the broken up Bell system, SNET had a small but lucrative service area – all of Connecticut except Fairfield County – but had lost millions of dollars in interstate calling revenue through deregulation. Concerned that it would soon be competing for in-state toll calling as well, the company implemented this awareness-building and loyalty strategy for approximately 500,000 of its most valuable customers.

By focusing on the people, places and things that made the state unique, Connecticut’s Finest filled an information void for resident’s while firmly and cost effectively establishing SNET’s presence and value in a market divided in thirds by three very expensive media markets: New York, Hartford-New Haven, and Boston.


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