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Haagen-Dazs Brand Ice Cream

This premium ice cream brand derives a significant percentage of its annual revenue from about a million female core users. This program, "Perfect Rewards," integrated with the general advertising theme “It’s Just Perfect,” databased self-identified core users with their personal, product and competitive usage information, and leveraged the relationship over time using regular, product- and lifestyle-related communications and offers.

“Perfect Rewards” was featured as a case study in Seth Godin’s seminal book, Permission Marketing (Simon & Schuster, 1999).

Membership acquisition direct mail packages used innovative formats borrowed from fundraising to make the offer, provide a personal questionnaire and reply envelope, and deliver product coupons for immediate and later use.



Members received colorful, inviting seasonal “life-style” booklet mailings containing recipes, entertainment tips and ideas, and product offers.


In addition, members received promotional mailings to celebrate new products, incent Haagen-Dazs use for holidays, generate traffic to branded retail stores, and more.



And members had access to their own password-protected "Perfect Rewards" section of the brand’s web site. The web presence was fully integrated with the print, television and direct mail look and style.

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